Insect-O-Cutor is the world's leading flying insect control solutions provider, and has remained at the forefront of technical and design innovation since the brand was founded in 1962.

Offering a comprehensive range of flying insect control product, from electric killing grid flykillers to glueboard devices, flyscreens to decorative units, Insect-O-Cutor (trading as Synergetic in the USA) provides leading insect prevention and control for a wide range of applications. Recent leading product developments include the innovative Edge glueboard flykiller, the Allure killing grid unit and the stylish yet discreet Aura decorative unit.

Alongside innovative flykillers, Insect-O-Cutor also offers pest control professionals a wide range of branded consumables, including the leading Glupac glueboard brand, and Synergetic dual wavelength UV tubes.

Network specialises in the provision of high quality bird control products for the professional pest control market, including leading brands Avipoint and Avishock.

With a leading reputation amongst professional pest controllers, Network is known for innovative time saving product solutions alongside expert technical guidance and specification support.

Network offers a comprehensive range of bird control products from the globally recognised Avipoint spike brand, through to high specification bird nets and installation time saving fixings and the leading electric bird proofing brand Avishock. Developed to offer absolute discretion, Avishock is extremely popular amongst architects and specifiers, as well as bird control specialists.

Bringing leading flying insect control to the North American market, Synergetic offers innovative, patented product solutions alongside expert technical support.

Building on the heritage of the Pelsis brand in the USA and Canada, Synergetic is proud to bring leading product flylights to these territories, alongside patented dual wavelength tubes and Glupac glueboards.

Covering a wide range of applications, the Synergetic brand offers flylights for front-of-house areas, food manufacturing, storage areas and backrooms and commercial food preparation areas.

Pest-Stop is the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality pest control products for the retail market. 

The Pest-Stop brand offers a comprehensive range of market-leading products, from the traditional Little Nipper mouse traps, one of the longest standing pest control brand names, to contemporary products designed with the domestic user in mind.

Agrisense is the world’s leading manufacturer of insect pest monitoring and trapping products and solutions based on pheromones and other attractants for the Professional and Retail, Home and Garden market sectors.

Having started in 1984 as the first company to commercialise pheromone technology for insect trapping, Agrisense have developed our product range into all types of insect traps. Our reputation for the highest standards of quality and performance have enabled us to grow into the market leader.

For over 60 years, B&G has been the world leader of equipment for professional pest control. All B&G products are known for their high quality, making this company dominant in the markets that they serve.

B&G designs and manufactures a wide range of products for the pest management professional, employing the latest technologies. B&G also serve many different industries from concrete to janitorial supply to building restoration with product offering including poly sprayers and foggers for applications utilising a broad range of materials. In addition to professional pest control, B&G also supply the industrial and retail markets with a specialized line of products, with focus in in the farm and fleet markets.

Silvandersson is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly and healthy solutions for pest management and insect control. Serving both consumers and professional markets, Silvandersson provide a broad range of products across all insects.

With over 30 years of experience in the insect trap market Silvandersson are known for their unique glue technology, UV fly trap glue boards and fly traps. Having built a reputation for innovation, Silvandersson continue to invest in research and development to deliver cutting edge products to our customers. All of the products are produced in their state of the art facility in Sweden.

Curtis Dyna-Fog produces a complete line of spraying and fogging products. Our equipment is ideal for mosquito and flying insect control, crawling insect control, bird repellent fogging, smoke/odour abatement, heavy commercial fogging, stored crops, military and police force training, special effects and more.

With more than 50 years’ experience in combating transmittable diseases, Curtis Dyna-Fog, Ltd. designs and manufactures equipment specified by Health Ministries, The World Health Organization and other public health agencies worldwide. Dyna-Fog products range from small hand held units, to mid-sized knapsacks to large vehicle mounted machines. With distribution in more than 80 countries, we offer the most complete range of products available.

Green Protect is a leading retail brand, offering a simple, effective and sustainable route to a pest-free home.

Green Protect products help to prevent pests without the use of chemicals, making them ideal for customers looking for a safe and sustainable solution.

Edialux is the leading distributor of professional pest control products in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

Edialux distributes the leading brands of rodenticides, insecticides, bird control, application and cleaning products to the professional pest market in northern Europe alongside unique formulations of pesticide products, delivering technical support and advice to customers across Northern Europe.

Edialux is the leading consumer brand in the Benelux region for home, garden and pet pest products.
Distributed through the garden and retail market in Benelux, the Edialux consumer range provides a range of consumer friendly solutions. The pest control range helps solve problems in the home, tackling common household pests such as mice, rats and insects, whilst the garden range includes products to tackle weeds and plant diseases & fungi, including a wide range of organic garden products ideal for the eco-friendly gardener. The brand also offers a comprehensive range of pet protection products to prevent and treat common pest issues.

Luxan is the leading consumer brand in the Netherlands for pest control products for the garden and home, fungicides and weed control. 
The product portfolio encompasses both chemicals and traps for a wide range of pests including mice, rats, moles, slugs, snails, flying & crawling insects and more, helping consumers tackle pest problems both inside and out. The brand also has an extensive range of tried and tested plant care products, protecting gardens from nuisance crop diseases.  

Denka International has been a market leader in formulating, registering and producing biocides, plant protection products and veterinary medicines since 1932. 
Denka International has a broad product portfolio, including concentrated and ready to use biocides, plant protection products and veterinary medicines in the form of granulates, liquids and aerosols. Denka has extensive experience of developing products for both the amateur and professional marketplaces. Working closely with our clients, we develop products and brands under both the Denka brand and white label, assisting customers in the authorisation of products. 

A Green Way™ is a leading retail brand, offering a simple, effective and sustainable route to a pest-free home. 

eveloped in Scandinavia, A Green Way™ offers a comprehensive range of pest control products for the home and garden.  A Green Way® products help to prevent pests without the use of chemicals, making them ideal for customers looking for a safe and sustainable solution. The range targets a wide variety of pests, from non-toxic slug control products to organic ant products for use in both indoors and out and many more.

P+L Systems Washroom is Europe's leading supplier of washroom hygiene products with over 25 years experience in developing products for commercial washroom use. 

P+L Systems Washroom is made up of a comprehensive range of products designed for the European market, including fragrances and dispensers, soap dispensers, Nappease™ nappy bins, Sanibin® feminine hygiene bins and a range of eco-friendly hand dryers. Each product makes up part of a coordinated range designed to complement each other and create a fully integrated washroom solution ideal for a range of service cycles and applications.